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Ever been craving a certain type of story but finding is so hard to weed through a gazillion slash communities and looking and looking and looking and maybe finding one?

This community is based on the idea that you can search for stories you want based on genres, or themes.

Say, if you are looking for bottom!Sam stories, or hooker!fics, all you have to do is go to the memories section of the comm or the Tags and you can find it all there.

The way this community is that for each genre, or theme, there will be made a post with that theme. And then to that theme, people are welcomed, and encouraged to comment with links to fics that fall into the theme, or links to lists they might know of where a bunch of fics have been gathered written in that same theme.

Help the fandom by making the stories posted on LJ more searchable. Contribute to the community with your knowledge of what is out there. You don't have to write why you are commenting or why you liked this story or that or even a summary or pairing. All you have to do is post a link to stories within the theme that matches.

If you would like to make posts in this community with new themes (that have not been posted before), please follow this form:

Check your spelling before posting. It calms our OCD. We can only delete entries and play with the tags, we can't edit the content of your entry for you so you're going to have to do this on your own or the post may be deleted and reposted by a mod.

Check your coding before posting. No one wants messy coding on their FList and, as said above, we can only delete entries and play with the tags, we can't edit the content of your entry for you. Also notice that if you are using the form to post, make sure you don't use the Rich Text posting option. The html only works when posted in HTML form.

Make sure your theme is in the subject line. It makes it easier for everyone to see. As said above, we can only delete your entry. We don't mind doing it, we can repost it ourselves.

Make sure the theme you post isn't already in the community. Check the tags and/or the memories to be sure. If you don't see it, then please post it!

Although, the more details you get, the better it is of course :)

Please notice that this is NOT a reccing community. There are plenty of those already out there. This community is just meant to, in a way, to archive fics into themes, or subjects. Make it easier for people to find things things they are looking for, without necessarily looking for a specific story.



If you have a community related to Supernatural and would like to affiliate, please drop us a link to it here.